Bridging the Gap Between Hobby & Career, Parent & Child

Cyber Education Partners and Simplicity Esports Announce a National Partnership, Bringing an Immersive Summer Camp Experience


[MIAMI, FL , 3.17.2020] — Long been seen as a pass-time, video gaming and the industry can now lead to a promising career. Esports has gained traction, exploding into the business world as a new billion dollar industry with investors across the sports and entertainment world. CyberEd Partners and Simplicity Esports are teaming up to launch CyberEd Camps June 29th - August 7 in 11 locations in eight states, offering an immersive look into the Esports industry.


As the new generation continues to embrace technology, never before seen career paths are emerging. As fast as these careers are coming to the forefront, parents are playing catch-up, often struggling to relate to their child and understand the opportunities that the video game industry can provide. Currently, 175 colleges and universities are members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) offering officially recognized varsity Esports teams, complete with coaches and partial or full-ride scholarships. With a massive infrastructure needed to run the games, CyberEd’s education paths focus on Professional Gameplay, Content, Hospitality & Event Production and IT Support[1] , all highly relevant to the booming industry.

“When our son told us he wanted to pursue professional gaming my wife and I were initially disappointed. This all changed when we went to an Esports tournament he was participating in...the environment, the energy and the fact that gamers from around the world knew my son showed me that this wasn’t just an anti-social hobby, but a hugely relevant industry connecting people from all walks of life. We also saw how his interest in the industry opened doors to more than just gaming.” Richard Chance, CEO, CyberEd Partners


Many parents remain unconvinced of the benefits of video games as a hobby. Studies have shown that playing video games helps improve mood, motivation and perceptual and cognitive skills. Video game players are faster at making critical decisions without sacrificing accuracy than non-video game players. Tapping into children and teen’s interest in video games can open them up to opportunities in the industry and turn their hobby into a career.


Cyber Education Partners: The Cyber Education Partners Team with over 40 years of combined experience in higher education, works with universities to offer programs in today’s in-demand cyber science disciplines preparing students for high-wage high-skills careers. Our solutions offer corporate training, immersive Esports instruction and power college and university accelerated or “bootcamp” programs to include industry focused curriculum, instruction, course management, and career placement. We are a complete turnkey solution for universities.


Simplicity Esports: Simplicity Esports is a North American esports organization founded by CEO Jed Kaplan, minority owner of both the Memphis Grizzlies and Swansea City of the English Champions League. Simplicity Esports has implemented a unique approach to ensure the ultimate fan friendly esports experience. Our mission is to increase gamer and fan involvement at a grassroots level, and foster a sense of community as we compete with top class talent. Simplicity Esports is represented by notable teams and players that compete on an international circuit. Our staff and players are well known influencers within the esports community. We leverage their notoriety to promote our brand, and to strengthen our fans’ dedication to Simplicity Esports. Learn more at

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