Help! Quarantine is Making My Kids Fall Behind in School

Let's face it- not all of us are the best teachers. Unfortunately, many of us were forced to become teachers very quickly when schools were closed and children were asked to learn from home. Parents were instantly given role of educator without the proper training on the material or the best teaching practices.

Learning from home comes with a wide range of challenges beyond not having access to teachers like before. Many children see this as a vacation and lack the motivation of other children around them. Just because there is a quarantine doesn't mean that a child's education should suffer. k-12 students can absolutely learn from home, and we should make a point to help them make the most of this time. You may need some help, though.

One of the best ways to get help is with the help of a private tutor. You can choose from online tutoring or have a tutor come to your home (with all proper precautions of course). There are a number of benefits of tutoring for k-12 students. Here are some of the benefits of tutoring for your child.

1. One-on-One Learning

In school, your child is one of dozens of children in class. This makes it more difficult for the teacher to give them individual attention. It can also make it difficult for a child to ask questions during class, especially with the social pressure of school.

One of the main benefits of a tutor is that your child will receive more attention from the tutor. If they start to lose focus, the tutor will notice right away. Plus, they will be the one completing all of the practice questions during lessons. They will also have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want.

As the tutor gets to learn your child, they can learn their strengths and weaknesses. This allows the tutor to design lessons specifically for your child, whereas a teacher must follow a universal teaching plan designed for everyone whether your child is ahead or behind on the subject matter. With parental support, the tutor can learn even more how to best design the curriculum.

2. Pick Your Tutor

You aren't allowed to pick your child's teacher in school. However, you are allowed to pick your child's tutor. When you pick your child's tutor, you should pick someone that the child seems to have an immediate connection with. You may want to pick someone of the same sex to avoid any distractions during lessons. It's up to you if you want to pick someone closer in age that they might relate to or someone older with a more traditional approach. You should also pick someone with the right credentials. Pick a tutor that you like. When tutors have parental support, it makes things go much more smoothly.

3. Tutors Have Experience

One of the main reasons you hire a tutor is for their tutoring skills. You need to pick someone with plenty of experience. If you are picking a tutor for just one subject, ensure they have plenty of experience tutoring in that very topic. You should not think a college degree is enough experience. A person may have a degree in mathematics but not be great at teaching high school math. Tutoring experience is a must. A tutor hired to help with all subjects should have a degree in education or experience tutoring all subjects.

4. Monitor Results

There is a simple way to determine if a tutor is effective or not- your child's grades. While incomplete homework and other failures to cooperate are solely the responsibility of the student, you should look to see if you can tell a difference when the child tries. If the child does the homework and tests better, you know the tutor is effective. If the child still gets the same grades, it might not be working out.

Mark Twain once said, "I will not let school interfere with my education." The quote applies now more than ever with schools not able to help with education as much as before at all. However, that doesn't mean this should be a break from learning. Education is the foundation of a great career and a successful life. A tutor can help in these times when schools aren't available to offer the same resources as they were before. We may be under lockdown, but that only makes this the ideal time for your child to get ahead when it comes to their education. Now, you only have to decide if you prefer online tutoring or tutoring in person.

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