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So You Want Job Security During Covid-19?

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, you and the rest of the world watched as entire economies of major nations were indefinitely halted. For the majority of people around the globe, nothing of this magnitude has remotely occurred in their lifetime. In the process of these extensive economic shut downs, countless people lost their jobs. Others were denied access to their only source of income. This made it reasonably difficult for people just like you to keep up with rent, bills, debts and to put food on the table for you and your family. This not only affected the poorest wage earners, but it took a toll on those who earn well above minimum wage as well. The good news is that people have begun to rise above the uncertainty to rally behind a banner that reads, “We’re all in this together.”

The only businesses that were left open were businesses that local and federal governments deemed essential. Somehow, in the midst of all this economic trouble, young, working aged individuals in your situation were left wondering how to find job security. But, despite the way things turned out, events like the present epidemic sometimes give rise to positive outcomes.

Where There Is Tragedy There Is Opportunity

What younger workers in your position may not have realized is that the job opportunity you are seeking to find may be staring you right in the face. In the middle of most tragic events, the presence of such a hardship will expose a need that is not yet being fulfilled in the marketplace. In the case of covid-19, the need for individuals to fulfill a role in the process of contact tracing practically falls right into your lap. This career choice is the cloud’s silver lining and is well within your grasp.

Not only is this an economically viable job opportunity, but it is a job that will undoubtedly pay above minimum wage too. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there is now a demand for 100,000 contact tracers needed in order to help to open the economy again. With these workers in place, it will be much easier to get everyone back to work in a timely fashion. This effort will involve individuals such as yourself both on the ground and others working in remote jobs to help manage the ongoing epidemic. With the prospect that covid-19 could strike a second time, hitting even harder this winter, the opportunity for real job security brought about by this epidemic for contact tracers is huge.

What Does a Contact Tracer Actually Do?

When it comes to battling epidemics of infectious diseases, contact tracing is at the front of the detective work that public health officials must carry out to keep the public safe. What contact tracers actually do is to identify people who have an infectious disease like covid-19, and then they try to determine who these individuals have had contact with while their infection is active. Once a list of these individuals has been formulated, the next step is to go out and track down and interview these individuals. This is done to determine how long they have been actively infected and to help remove infected people out of circulation to limit the spread of a virus.

At the present time, there exists some app-based methods and other tools to help in this endeavor, but the real work boils down to people like you assessing the public health risk of those who have come into contact with already infected individuals. For this reason, it is critical to employ enough contact tracers to ensure that the efforts of public health officials to assess what is going on with diseases like covid-19 have enough data to help them to make recommendations so that government officials can take meaningful action. It is important that these actions have the right focus and impact on the situation at hand so that public health and government officials are operating in the best interests of the rest of the public who are depending on their expertise and guidance.

Work at Home Opportunities

While there are many jobs involving contact tracers actually actively meeting with people, it should be understood that there are also remote jobs in this field as well. People with computer skills can get involved by helping to develop databases and other tracking software applications.

There is also a need for people who can analyze data and help develop models that predict how an infectious disease is moving and changing over time by aggregating the data collected by other contact tracers. In essence, this field of work involves a multi-pronged approach to understanding how infectious diseases behave inside a population. The majority of remote jobs in this area in some way deal with managing the data collected and doing something useful with that data.

Getting in on the Action

What is somewhat unique about becoming a contact tracer is that this is a career being actively supported by the United States government. The government has pumped billions of dollars into efforts to hire and train contact tracers to prevent the spread of covid-19. But, in order to take advantage of this exciting career opportunity, you will need to obtain the right kind of training to become prepared for employment in this growing segment of the public health industry.

Where to Turn for the Training You Need

As with many higher paying jobs, a contact tracer will want to become certified. This will allow you to come across as exhibiting credibility and competence as a job applicant. Fortunately, you do not have to look far to become certified in this exciting career opportunity.

Cyber Ed Partners works in conjunction with other universities and institutions and now offers a 24-hour certification course in contact tracing. This course is designed specifically for people like you looking to move from a mediocre job to a meaningful career with higher wage-earning potential. You can also follow Cyber Ed Partners on social media to find out about even more accelerated learning opportunities that can help prepare and orient you to other higher paying careers you might be interested in pursuing.

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