So, You Want to Make Money from Home?

4 Great Career Option You Can Start Online Today

As more and more Americans are coming to realize, there is a shift in the definition of what it means to have a "career". More jobs are being automated away than ever, and the rest of the nation is left trying to figure out what industries can still ensure a stable job. The gig economy is one area that has benefited from this redefining of jobs, but many are not willing to put up with changing hours, lack of benefits, or the working conditions those jobs entail. So, what are the rest of us to do? While traditional school may be shut down, there are still many new careers and programs to help you retrain available online. This article aims to help the underpaid and overworked find new paths in life that can provide job security in these uncertain times. Coding While it has been suggested to death, learning to code is still a viable way to move into a new career path., a leading job website, still suggests that computer programing is one of highest paying industries for those wanting to start a new career. Coding has seen a boom of both educational classes online and in traditional classrooms. But while more people are learning to code, there is still growing demand for workers. Because business rely so heavily on technology, positions for coders can be found in nearly all fields from medicine to online retail. The added benefit of learning to code is that freelance work becomes a viable option as well; three of the largest tech companies–Google, Facebook, and Twitter–all started as side projects. This is not to say that every programmer will create the next billion-dollar company, but even mildly successful platforms could mean owning your own successful business. Web Development Web Development is another career that has seen huge increase in demand due to the explosion of online business. Web developers are required to make sure that websites are able to run correctly and are imperative to the everyday operations of hundreds of thousands of companies. While computer programing is done in multiple "languages" and is therefore more difficult to learn, web developers mainly sticks to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means that even a month's worth of spare time can prepare you to learn all the basics. Atlantis University's course promotes that four weeks is enough to prepare you for a new career. Web developers can find job opportunities both at companies and on the freelance side. Easy, template-based website builders have spent millions on marketing, but the truth is that many companies prefer the individualized support and creation that web developers can offer. Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is a quickly growing field. Advertisers and companies alike see the appeal of razor-precise online marketing, and just in the last few years, digital marketing and advertising passed $100 billion a year. With all that money being spent, jobs are become available in this lucrative field. If you have ever been browsing Facebook and seen an ad for something you were just thinking about, that was the work of marketers. Digital marketers work to make sure that a company's ad ends up in front of the right consumer. It is another skill that can be learned online from a number of outlets. Skills in digital media, particularly marketing, are some of the top-requested on job applications. Whether it is optimizing search engine results, sending out newsletters, or posting on social media, a digital marketing career could be right around the corner for those wanting a flexible and secure career. Graphic Design and Photoshop Tying into the expansion of online retail and digital marking is the need for skilled graphic designers. Every ad, website, app, and billboard needs a designer or team of designers to bring the creation to life. And with modern computer programs, learning graphic design is easier than ever. Tools like Photoshop, Blender, and other platforms have become the main way that companies create the media they need. Graphic designers help to create any and all of the flashy graphics we see every day and do so with no more than a computer like the one in front of you. There are many programs available online to help prepare you for a new career in graphic design. And by following these courses, a computer savvy person with an eye for aesthetic can be prepared for a new career in a few short weeks. As the landscape of jobs continues to shift, it is important to look for options. Cyber related jobs have been on the rise for years, and the current upheaval of the jobs market may be the perfect time to start seriously considering a new career. Before you know it, one of the areas could provide you with the job security, benefits, and salary that you have been dreaming of.

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