When Esports Meets Summercamp

E sports is the new “E” in STEM, also known as (s)cience, (t)echnology, (e)ngineering and (m)ath. With the rise of both digital technology and a new generation of gamers, CyberEd Camps and Simplicity E Sports with PlayLive Nation have designed an E sports camp to inspire, engage and enable today's youth. This team of gaming enthusiasts has mastered the camp experience with a focus on enrichment, personal growth and e sports.

These gamers are embracing the new normal as they grow into the next generation of thinkers. While summer fun used to mean riding bikes and visiting the public pool, this sport encourages problem solving and critical thinking. Campers learn about safety while playing online, communication and team work skills.

Centered around the digital realm, games range in skill level for various age groups and subject genre to encourage a healthy relationship with technology. Gaming supports children who will lead the way with a passion for game playing and critical thinking.

According to Forbes magazine, "When organized well and designed as a cross-curricular activity for a wide range of students, E Sports has the potential to bring students together, enhance learning and mitigate technological inequities for students with fewer resources." We agree. Investing in an E Sports camp will help campers develop skills that will ignite a passion for working together from relationships formed around technology.

After this year's covid challenges, we found a solution to cure summer boredom with some brainy summer fun. Esports Camp helps with cognitive enrichment by teaching children how to be leaders with safe and healthy habits in the gaming environment. It also offers solutions on how to embrace strategic game play and team work. When you send your gamer to CyberEd Camps, they will participate in physical activities and digital engagement for a two week experience that will stay with them forever.

When registered for this camp, your gamer will learn about safety while playing online and experiencing interpersonal growth with like-minded game players. Friendships and bonds that are cultivated in this fun summer camp environment will last forever and the skills they will learn together give them plenty of ground to help students discover who they are and embrace who they will become as self-sufficient adults.

Wired magazine points out that, "coping strategies employed by esports athletes include techniques for managing emotional distress and solving problems [such as] having a group discussion after a competition to review what worked and what went wrong."

Critical thinking skills as such are encouraged through game play during camp. They've made sure to incorporate the human component with daily physical activities as well as monitoring and supporting online behavior. In the camp packages available for purchase, you'll see a few different options so as to choose the program that best suits your budget and camper’s interests.

The value of this camp is priceless. From a parent's perspective, we want to provide our children with the best experience possible. Supplementing their education with the opportunity to engage with other children of different age groups in a summer of gaming and fun is a really smart investment. When your camper returns home, they will be inspired to stay connected with newfound friends and fellow gamers.

This camp was designed to inspire a new generation of thinkers and help establish the new normal of teamwork, strategic decision making and friendship. The goal is to introduce the students to a world of possibility that could open a door to collegiate and career opportunities in the future. During their two week stay, safe online practices and etiquette in the digital realm will be taught as well as the importance of a positive and focused attitude.

Students and leaders will pay attention to better game play and will receive professional instruction. Not only will they train for tournaments and competition, but they will have the opportunity for fun physical activities and how to grow an audience. The full scope of this camp will allow your gamer to experience touch points on each aspect of the Esport industry including how to develop an audience and shout casting during a tournament.

We know your student will enjoy this engaging and transcendent experience. We understand how much you will appreciate this rewarding summer investment. To help inspire your student's growth toward the booming realm of digital gaming technology for sport, we hope you'll enroll in thisextraordinary opportunity and turn this summer into the experience of the year!

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